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Experience the Vibrant Flavors of Thailand with our

Spicy & Delicious

Thai Hot Sauces

A Taste of Thailand in a Bottle

Experience the Spicy & Delicious Flavors of Thailand with our Premium Sauces.

Hand-crafted in small batches, we use the freshest Thai chili, fresh-squeezed lime juice, aromatic herbs and spices, and never MSG. Our authentic blend delivers the signature 

spicy, sweet, salty and sour notes of traditional Thai cuisine. 

Bold Flavor Like Never Before

Thai Hot Sauce Original
Thai Hot Sauce Ginger flavor

Our Original and Ginger Vegan Sauces are

Raw & Unprocessed

By not subjecting these delicate ingredients to high heat or over-processing, we preserve the natural tastes, aromas, and colors that make Thai cuisine so vibrant. The freshness of our ingredients remains intact, ensuring that every drop delivers the authentic and captivating flavors that define Thai cuisine.

Truly a Taste of Thailand in a Bottle!

Our Original and Most Popular Flavor
Spicy Thai Bird Chili Peppers

Fresh-pressed Lime Juice
Garden-fresh Herbs & Spices

Fresh Ginger Flavor
Healthy, Hearty & Delicious

Raw & Unprocessed
No Vinegar, Preservatives or MSG

Thai Tradition with a Modern Twist


Our BBQ and Special sauces put a unique twist on traditional Thai recipes.

By combining authentic Thai ingredients with a modern twist, these blends honor traditional Thai roots while adding contemporary flair. This ensures a truly authentic and exciting Thai dining experience.

Spicy, Sweet Harmony
Bold Thai Spice

Exotic Zesty Fusion
Perfect for Grilling or Dipping

Made With Roasted Long Hot Peppers
Authentic Thai Essence
Bold Flavor & Spice
Unforgettable Taste Experience

"This hot sauce doesn't need to boast about its potency

its spice is direct and deep, and it's brilliantly rounded out by garlic, fish sauce, and a fresher flavor than you'd think possible for bottled cilantro and lime."


Discover authentic Thai cuisine on our newly launched Thai recipes page!

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"Being native Thai and living in the USA,
SD Sauce is a perfect taste of home. Totally recommend."

Gang Tuan

Professional Chef

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