This amazing set comes as a special collaboration of 2 female entreprenuers who see the value in producing natural, healthy and delicious products for you and your family.  I'm proud to be partnering with Audrey Powell, the founder of "Spicegrove".  Audrey Powell is an entreprenuer who locally produces a delicious, healthy and unique drink made from all natural ingredients. Spicegrove's Roselle drink is a bold crisp, spicy hibiscus ginger tea drink handcrafted and bottled locally in New Jersey. Learn more about her amaizing products at


 This special set comes with 2 bottles of our most popular Thai Hot Sauces and 2 bottles of Roselle & Ginger Spicy Hibiscous Drink. (1 regular and 1 unsweetened)


These authentic Thai Hot Sauces add an amazing burst of flavor and spice to any dish. The spice is deep with a fresh flavor profile that competes with any homemade sauce.


We gracefully combine classic Thai ingredients with fresh-pressed lime juice to create a wonderful balance of the 4 traditional Thai flavors typically found in authentic Thai cuisine - a perfect combination of salty, spicy, sweet, and sour flavors with the perfect amount of heat.


Our products are RAW & UNPROCESSED and hand-crafted from fresh and natural ingredients - it always begins with Thai chili peppers and fresh pressed lime juice.


We craft our sauces  weekly so we can guarantee the highest quality product and freshness to our customers.


Each bottle is hand-crafted in Long Island City, NY, but the flavor is straight from Thailand!


Spicegrove Roselle uses only the best all natural ingredients and they are proud of the craft that goes into making their drink. They bring out the natural flavors of dried roselle hibiscus, then add a special mixture of raw ginger, allspice, cinnamon, and lime peel to get the powerful, warm spicy flavor they are known for. The sweetened flavor they use raw organic cane sugar and their unsweetened flavor contains no sugar!

Thai Hot Sauces & Hibiscus Drink

  • 1 x Thai Hot Sauce Original (12oz )


    1 x Thai Hot Sauce Ginger Vegan (10oz)


    2 x Roselle & Ginger Spicy Hibiscus Drink

    (10oz bottles- 1 regular & 1 unsweetened)


    A symphony of fresh Thai inspired ingredients carefully melded to create a perfect balance of delicious flavors and spice.



    • Authentic Thai Flavor
    • Gluten Free
    • Raw & Unprocessed
    • No Preservatives
    • No Vinegar
    • No MSG
    • Yes Delicious!


    Ginger Vegan:

    • Authentic Thai Flavor
    • Raw - Never Cooked
    • No MSG
    • No Vinegar
    • No Preservatives
    • Vegan

    Spicegrove Roselle & Ginger Drink: A Spicy Hibiscus Drink