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Hi, my name is Sutta!

Hi there, I'm Sutta Saraphum, the founder of SD Sauce - the most delicious Thai hot sauce you'll ever taste! Our sauces use only the freshest ingredients, capturing the most exciting flavors from authentic Thai cuisine.

Growing up in Thailand, I learned how to cook traditional Thai dishes from my mother and worked in some of the most popular restaurants in the country. When I moved to the United States in 2011, I was disappointed that the sauces available in supermarkets didn't quite match up to the flavors I grew up with.

Frustrated with the lack of authentic options, I began making Thai sauces from scratch, just like the ones I missed from home. I started serving my sauces at BBQs and dinners, and my friends couldn't get enough. The requests for more started pouring in after each gathering, and I knew I had to share my sauces with the world.

Finally, in 2015,
SD Sauce was born - a Spicy & Delicious creation that easily earned the SD name. Knowing that I have created something people truly love brings me great joy. So, if you want to spice up your meals with authentic Thai flavors, try some authentic Thai Hot Sauces and join the community of thousands who can't get enough of these delicious flavors!

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