Hi, my name is Sutta!

I’m the proud Founder and CEO of SD Sauce - the most delicious Thai hot sauce on the market! Our products are unprocessed, preservative-free, and use only the freshest ingredients to capture the most amazing elements from authentic Thai cuisine. Our flavor-packed sauces have been loved by many since 2015, but my story begins much earlier.


I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Thailand. I grew up learning how to make traditional Thai dishes by cooking with my mother and working in the country’s most popular restaurants. When you enjoy a dish in Thailand, it’s usually accompanied by Nam Jim sauce - one of the many fiery dipping sauces. When I moved to the United States in 2011, I couldn’t find any commercial sauces that compared to my favorite Nam Jim sauces.


Many of the ethnic sauces sold in the supermarket are loaded with vinegar, full of preservatives, and contain ingredients that I simply can’t pronounce. Out of frustration, I began making Thai sauces from scratch using Thai bird chili peppers, lime juice, garlic and fresh herbs. The flavors were bold and the spice packed a punch - just like the sauces I missed from home! I started serving the sauce at dinner parties and realized that my guests couldn’t get enough. “Sutta, please make extra so that I can bring some home and enjoy it during the week!” These kinds of requests multiplied after each and every gathering.


Finally, in 2015, my Spicy and Delicious creation was born - SD Sauce! I’m still overwhelmed with the amount of praise I receive for creating many of my customers’ favorite hot sauce. The abundance of positive feedback continues to encourage me to pursue my passion of globalizing traditional flavors from my home country. Give SD Sauce a try and join the community of thousands who love these incredible flavors!

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