Hi, my name is Sutta!

I’m the proud Founder and CEO of SDSauce - the most delicious Thai hot sauce on the market! Our products are unprocessed, preservative-free, and use only the freshest ingredients. In doing so, we capture the most exciting elements from authentic Thai cuisine. Our flavor-packed sauces have been loved by many since 2015, but my story begins much earlier.


I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Thailand. I grew up learning how to make traditional Thai dishes by cooking with my mother and working in the country’s most popular restaurants. When you enjoy a dish in Thailand, it’s usually accompanied by Nam Jim sauce - one of the many spicy dipping sauces. When I moved to the United States in 2011, I couldn’t find anything that tasted as good.


Many of the ethnic sauces sold in the supermarket are loaded with vinegar, full of preservatives, and contain ingredients that I simply can’t pronounce. Out of frustration, I began making Thai sauces from scratch using Thai bird chili peppers, lime juice, garlic and fresh herbs. The flavors were bold and the spice packed a punch - just like the sauces I missed from home! I started serving the sauce at BBQ's and dinner parties and my guests couldn’t get enough. “Sutta, can you make extra so that I can bring some home and enjoy it during the week?” These requests multiplied after each and every gathering.


Finally, in 2015, my spicy and delicious creation was born - SDSauce! It makes me happy knowing that I've created many of my customers’ favorite hot sauce. Try SDSauce today and join the community of thousands who love these incredible flavors!